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20 Dead Sea Facts - Presented by Minera Dead Sea Salts

20 Dead Sea Salt Facts

20 Quick facts About The Dead Sea

  1. The Dead Sea isn’t actually a sea at all! The Dead Sea is a saltwater lake. 
  2. Hence the name, there is no marine life in the Dead Sea. The high mineral and salt content of the waters make it impossible for fish or plants to live.

  3. The Dead Sea is the second saltiest body of water in the world, with a salt content of 33%.

  4. Cleopatra loved the Dead Sea so much, she ordered that cosmetic factories and resorts be built along its shores.

  5. You can lay on the surface of the water without even trying to float. The high salt content makes you buoyant.
  1. Water flows into the Dead Sea from streams and rivers, but does not flow out.
  1. Dead Sea salt is super bitter and not at all like table salt.
  1. The Dead Sea is filled with minerals including calcium, iodine, saline, potassium, and bromide.

  2. The minerals in the Dead Sea all naturally occur within our bodies.
  1. Egyptians used mud from the Dead Sea in their mummification of the deceased.
  1. Centuries ago, one of the popular names of the Dead Sea was “The Stinky Sea”.
  1. Asphalt often rises to the surface of the water in the Dead Sea.  The Greeks called it “Lake Asphaltites” after the strange phenomenon.
  1. The climate of the Dead Sea region is sunny, warm and dry all year round.
  1.  Both Jesus and John the Baptist are closely tied to the Dead Sea in biblical writings.
  2.  In the Bible, it is said that the Dead Sea will one day come alive and fill with marine life.
  1.  The shores of Dead Sea mark the lowest elevation on earth.
  1.  Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea in his writings.
  1.  During the 20th Century, the “Dead Sea Scrolls” were discovered.  These scrolls are the ancient writings of the Essenes.
  1. The Dead Sea is 3 million years old.


  1. The unique salt in the Dead Sea treats acne, psoriasis, hives, cellulite, dry skin, dandruff, stress, muscle aches, and more.
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