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Eco-Friendly Bamboo Jars
Eco-friendly bamboo jars, bamboo containers, & bamboo canisters are great for all your packaging needs.

Bamboo Jars & Bamboo Containers

Why Bamboo?
Environmentally friendly, sustainable and "Green", Refillable-use it again and again by refilling with your favorite salts, High quality, long lasting and durable, Keeps products clean & fresh, Beautiful with a modern look & feel, Goes with any decor
, It's a type of grass that produces 35% more oxygen than trees, Grows rapidly & can be harvested within 3-5 years, Can grow up to 8 feet in a single day, Can be continuously harvested from the same plant again and again, Flourishes without fertilizers or pesticides, Requires little water to grow, Strong & long lasting - stronger than oak!

What can you use them for?
In the Bathroom: bath salts, body scrubs, shower salts, muds, creams, soap.

In the Kitchen: Salts, cutlery, rice, spices

Around the Home:

Empty Bamboo Jar ready to fill with any of our bulk salts
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