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Friday, 06 April 2012
Himalayan Salt Blocks make the perfect gift for professional chef's or any culinary enthusiast! This all-natural Himalayan Salt Block, contains a reported 84 trace minerals and will add delectable flavor and essential minerals to a wide range of dishes. Our 8'' x 8'' x 1'' Himalayan Salt Blocks are just $29.95 each with FREE SHIPPING!

There are lots of ways to use a Himalayan Salt Block…

Serving Tray for Cold Appetizers & Desserts*:

Place the Himalayan salt slab in the refrigerator overnight and then arrange sushi, cheese or other cold hors d’ oeuvres on the Himalayan Block to beautifully present appetizers to your party guests. You may also place the salt slab in the freezer ahead of time to chill it and then serve cold and frozen desserts on it.

Searing thinly sliced meats, fish, vegetables, seafood and more fast cooking foods*:

Grills & Gas Ranges: Begin heating on low flame, gradually increasing to low/medium (typically about 30-45 minutes) until ideal temperature is reached.

Electric Ranges: Place salt slab on heat-safe metal platform (so the salt slab is at least ½’’ above direct heat). Start on low heat, gradually increasing to low/medium (typically about 40-55 minutes) until ideal temperature is reached.

If using the salt slab to cook food in the oven, it is recommended to first heat the salt block on a grill or range before (carefully) putting the salt block into the oven that’s been preheated to the same temperature as the block (the salt block is commonly heated to temperatures between 300-400 degrees).

*First Things First - A few things to keep in mind before cooking on your salt block:

-Please keep in mind that moist foods will absorb more of the salt and its flavor than drier foods.

- Make sure salt block is completely dry before heating - allow at least 24 hours for salt slab to dry completely before heating on grill, range or in the oven.

- Use with Caution:  The Himalayan Salt Block retains heat when used for cooking and will become very hot. Handle with caution.

- Heating the plate may change the physical appearance of the slab by changing its color and bringing out flaws.

- Because Himalayan Salt Blocks are a completely natural product, its appearance as well as the maximum limit for high temperatures may vary.

Cleaning & Caring For Your Salt Block:

If you intend to use the Himalayan Salt Block for both cooking foods on and serving cold foods, we recommend purchasing two blocks so you have a designated block for each type of usage.

It’s quite easy to clean your Himalayan Salt Block. Simply scrub with a soft brush or wipe with a damp cloth, and pat dry. Then place on drying rack for a least 24 hours to allow the block to dry thoroughly. Never run the salt slab under water or submerge. Cleansers or soap are not needed to clean your salt slab as it is naturally antimicrobial.

You can expect to enjoy many uses with your Himalayan Salt Block. However, little by little the salt block will dissolve over time changing it size, shape and its surface. Once your salt becomes too small for cooking on or for presentation, there are still ways to get further use out of your salt slab. You can grate the salt over entrees to add amazing flavor or add it to your bath to re-mineralize your body, soothe muscle aches and pains and soften your skin.

Himalayan Salt Blocks are 100% natural. Because of this, each slab will be unique in its characteristics, including color and composition. Each block may also have a different limitation for temperature and pressure. San Francisco Salt Company is not responsible for damages, injury, or loss due to any use of Himalayan Salt products.
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