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Wednesday, 09 January 2008

Bath Salts with Natural HerbsThere are many ways to take a bath, and many recipes for the perfect bathing experience. You can use essential oils, scented bath salts, creamy soaps and soaks. So why use herbs?

We use herbs to add zest and flavor to a variety of foods; herbal teas have become increasingly popular and are often added to a healthy diet.
Herbal baths have always been known for their healing properties, soothing skin, relaxing tired muscles and aching joints, and stimulating circulation. Herbal baths also deliver the powerful benefits of aromatherapy, filling your space with wonderful, lingering scents.

You can use different herbs, mixing and matching to create the perfect bath. For instance, Bergamot is a versatile herb that can be used to relieve cold symptoms, and to both relax and invigorate. Grapefruit and Juniperberry detoxify your skin. Lavender and Chamomile are extremely relaxing, promoting a good night's sleep and protection from stress and anxiety. Ylang-ylang has a similar soothing effect.

The cons? There is only one downside to using herbs in your bath: it can get a bit messy. When you're done taking your bath, be sure to wipe the herbs away from the tub using a cloth or paper towels- don't rinse the herbs down the drain, as this will clog the pipes. Or, avoid this problem all together and make your very own herb tea bags! It'll be like soaking in a giant cup of tea.

Also, don't forget about your atmosphere – dim the lights, arrange some candles around the tub, and play your favorite soft music in the background. Have fun!

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