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Tuesday, 03 November 2009
What is Sole?

Sole (pronounced so-lay) is a completely saturated solution of water and Himalayan Salt.

What are the benefits of Sole?

Drinking a solution of sole can:
-Re-mineralize the body of key elements that occur naturally in our bodies and that are essential to our over all well-being

-Balance the PH levels in our bodies
-Provide the body with electrolytes
-Promote healthy body function and balance

How do I make my own Sole?

1)      Take a glass jar (with a matching lid) and place about a 1 inch layer of Sherpa Pink Himalayan Salt (coarse grain works best) to the bottom of the jar.  Then add 2-3 inches of pure spring water to the jar, allowing the water to completely cover the salt.

2)      Allow the solution to sit overnight.

3)      The next morning, if all the salt has dissolved add a little more salt to the water.  Continue to add salt until the salt can no longer dissolve and the water is completely saturated with salt.  You should be able to visibly see the particles of salt in the jar still.

To use:

First thing every morning before breakfast, add 1 teaspoon of the sole to a full glass of pure spring water- then drink.

To store:

Keep lid on jar to keep sole from evaporating.  The sole will not spoil, so it will keep until it has been used up.

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