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Bathing's Benefits Beat a Shower's Weak Power
Bathing Beats taking a Shower

Ahh. You’ve come home from work, exhausted, stressed and fatigued. First thing that’s on your mind? A quick shower, perhaps? “That will relax me!” you tell yourself.

Wrong! A quick shower is not what the body ordered. What’s better? Bathing. Indeed, a nice hot bath with some fragrant, healing bath salts will soothe away the day’s aches and pains and clear your mind of internal clutter.

Civilizations for centuries have realized the benefits bathing offers. You’ve seen portrayals of bath houses in films, haven’t you? These depictions are spot on historically accurate. Think about the Roman bath houses and medieval bathing rules. People did bathe back then, you know. In fact, they bathed even on Sundays, the day of rest, and they washed their hands before meals! In addition, the Japanese have elaborate and tempting rituals, soaking for a while before they wash, really enjoying the full benefits of a bath. Think about this history, how enjoyable you remember it seeming, and then think BATH!

And as you’re filling up the tub, don’t forget the Bath Salts! They’re aromatic and healing, promoting relaxation and wellness. Adding such salts can improve circulation and reduce tenderness and inflammation. Sore back? Muscle pain? Arthritis? Fibromyalgia? You can help all these problems by just taking a dip in bath-salted water.

Also, bath salts open the pores, purifying the skin and making it smooth as silk. Your dry skin can get moister through a bath, and insect bites, eczema and athlete’s foot can all melt away after you start a bathing ritual. Calluses on your feet will get softer as the bath salts circulate around you, not only cleansing you but also healing you. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

If you want to relax even more and really alleviate the day’s stress, add aromatherapy bath salts. Infused with scents, these stimulate calmness, generating even further relaxation. Coupled with that relaxation is a good night’s sleep, with which bath salts can help. Who doesn’t need that?

So now it’s time to take a break from this glaring computer screen and hop in the tub. All you have to lose is your stress, aches and pains. Enjoy the delights of this high-quality relaxation technique today! The "Bath is Back" folks....

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