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Pearl Salts from Lake Asal
Pearl Salts - One of Nature’s most magnificent and naturally forming wonders…

Extreme heat and other conditions of Lake Assal, Africa create Salt Pearls which form their smooth, round shape naturally as they tumble on the water’s edge in a variety of different sizes. It's an absolutely gorgeous sea salt, with its pearl shape different from any other salt in the world! This 100% natural salt is 98.5%-99.5% pure Sodium Chloride with a variety of beneficial trace minerals making it an ideal choice for skin care and relieving tired and aching muscles.

Fair Trade:
Our supplier is co-owned and operated by local natives. Proceeds from this salt are used in the development of housing, schools, hospitals & health care and employment in the Afar Land. We invite you all to experience this wonderful salt and all that it has to offer!
More Product Details
Product: Natural Pearl Salts

Origin: Lake Assal, Djibouti, Africa

Description: Ancient Sea Salt from Lake Assal in Africa. Naturally formed in a pearl shape (never grinded).

Benefits: General skincare benefits, soothes muscle aches and pains, helps to detoxify the skin.

Packaging: Bulk Bag

Grain Size*: Fine (approx. 1 mm)

The Fine Grain is a great choice for use in body scrubs as it rolls on the skin very well because of its round shape, for a gentle exfoliation. Select Fine Grain for use in Jacuzzis or spas.

*Grain sizes reflected in images are typical representations of each grain size. Due to the natural harvesting process, the actual grain sizes may slightly differ.

Color: White/Natural

Scent: None

Use for: Bath Salts, Foot Spas, Exfoliation.

To use: Pour a generous handful into a warm running bath or foot spa.

Ingredients: Natural Sea Salt
More Information on Pearl Salts & Fair Trade

Lake Assal’s Salt Pearls

Salt Pearls are formed in Lake Assal in Djibouti, Africa. Lake Assal is a crater lake; its water source- subsurface springs fed by the Red Sea (Gulf of Tadjoura). It has the highest salinity level of any body of water (34.8% salt) and has the most abundant and diverse life supporting and mineral rich waters. Lake Assal sits at the deepest point in Africa, over 500 feet below sea level. Extreme blistering hot and dry weather, high winds and pressure come together to create unique Salt Pearls which form their smooth, round shape naturally as they tumble on the water’s edge in a variety of different sizes, where the salt is then harvested with ease.

Mineral Content
This pristine salt is 98.5%-99.5% pure Sodium Chloride. A variety of trace minerals are also present in this salt from elements embodied in the waters of Red Sea. Sporadic rains wash minerals from neighboring mountains and are drawn into the lake as well.

Fair Trade
There are so many reasons to love this salt; its beauty, its purity, its mineral rich composition and all the benefits associated with this.  Truly, we are most proud to offer this salt because of the wonderful things that this salt brings behind the scenes.  San Francisco Bath Salt Company offers this salt to you from a supply partner who is directly connected to the Afar People of Lake Assal. The company which supplies this salt is co-owned and operated by local natives.  Proceeds from this salt are used in the development of housing, schools and hospitals in the Afar Land. In fact, our supplier’s focus is on working with woman and children in the region with health care and similar issues- the salt is merely a stage to be able to make this all possible. The harvesting of this salt also creates employment opportunities for the Afar community (harvesters earn about 15% more than the average wages in the area).
All Natural salt Pearls from Lake Asal, Africa
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