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 Pacific Sea Salt - The Oceans Natural Wonder 
When added to bath water in the form of bath salt, Pacific sea salt provides an excellent treatment for the skin. Harvested off the scenic shores of California, sea salts of the Pacific are virtually packed with essential minerals and nutrients vital to skin health - particularly to circulation and cell metabolism.

   Sea salt contains a vast amount of minerals and nutrients, as well as high amounts of sodium chloride. Sodium chloride is often used for medicinal purpose like cleaning wounds. Sodium chloride naturally occurs in our bodies and comprises .9% of our blood - our bodies’ natural healer. Soaking in sea salts is an extraordinary treatment for common skin conditions such as rashes and acne, and helps our skin defend against microscopic damage that occurs without us even realizing it.

    Our skin is like a sponge, readily absorbing elements in our immediate environment. The bad news: this means our skin is prone to damage and degradation thanks to climate, pollution, and bacteria. The good news: our skin is extremely accepting of the good stuff, too - like minerals and nutrients. Natural pacific sea salts contain a variety of minerals that aide in our cells’ many processes. These minerals include magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromides, and sodium. Pacific sea salt is also a wonderful detoxifying treatment. When used in a bath, sea salts draw toxins from the pores in our skin, leaving us feeling radiant, soft, and cleaner than ever before.

    Sodium helps our cells regulate the balance of fluid in our bodies, particularly in our lymphatic system, boosting our immunity and encouraging healthy metabolism. Potassium boosts our energy, regulates moisture in our skin, and needs to be replenished often as it is depleted during exercise. Bromides soothe tired, aching muscles and help prevent soreness. Calcium keeps water retention to a minimum, increases circulation and promotes healthy bones and teeth. Magnesium also aids in the reduction of water retention, and it slows the aging process in skin while calming the nervous system.

    Pacific sea salt encourages good blood circulation and stimulates metabolic processes in our cells that are essential to cell detoxification, defense, and cleansing. Sea salt packs quite a punch when it comes to healthy skin. First, it helps our skin get rid of unwanted dirt and pollutants which accumulate over time. The salts can reverse skin damage to a certain degree by regulating moisture and plumping up our skin, softening fine lines and other signs of aging. Sea salts then help our skin defend against the elements and future damage by promoting skin health, making it stronger and less vulnerable. 

  Pacific salts make wonderful bath salts, to be sure - but don’t stop there! Sea salts are available in different grain sizes and can be used in scrubs, masks, and mud treatments. For example, take a handful of scented sea salts and rub them gently into your skin - sea salt is a wonderful exfoliator and skin rejuvenator.

  If you bathe in water enriched with sea salts twice a week, you will see and feel a real difference in your skin.  Give our salts from the San Francisco Bath Salt Company a try, you won’t be disappointed!

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