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San Francisco Salt Co.
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San Francisco Salt Company Aims to Inspire with "Floating it Forward" at the 2015 Float Conference

The major U.S. specialty salt supplier will be giving each attendee of the conference $5.00 with the hope that they will use the money for a kind gesture or act of goodwill towards a complete stranger.

SAN FRANCISCOAug. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- San Francisco Salt Company (SFSC) is "Floating it forward" at the Portland, OR Float Conference this weekend (August 15-16).  By providing each of the 500 conference attendees $5.00, SFSC will be proposing that each person spends the money on someone other than themselves while spending time in Portland during the annual float conference. 

"The Float Conference is the perfect venue to share this idea with," says Lee Williamson, owner of the San Francisco Salt Company. "The conference is an eclectic group of open-minded, free thinking, creative, spiritual, and salt of the earth people and I have no doubt that they will embrace the idea and put their $5.00to good use."

Williamson goes on to explain, "Recently, a car ahead of me paid my toll on the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.  I was stunned and elated. This was a total stranger that I never got to thank.  So to pass along the good karma, I paid the toll for the person behind me. The interesting thing is, although it felt good to get my toll paid, it felt even better paying someone else's toll.

"Because we are a sponsor of the Float Conference, I wanted to share the idea of 'floating it forward' with everyone attending and inject my sense of fun into an already very entertaining conference. Our hope is that this specific act of 'floating' it forward will continue on long after the conference."

SFSC is a major supplier of U.S. Pharmaceutical Grade Epsom Salt, a key component to the success of Floating. The Portland Float Conference is the largest event for the Float Community, designed for anyone and everyone interested in float tanks and floatation therapy. It is organized and run by Ashkahn Jahromi and his team at Float On, trailblazers and pioneers in world of floating.

Floatation Therapy was first introduced in 1954 by Dr. John C. Lilly.  His studies and experiments were based on the human response to sensory deprivation.  Although floating has been around for quite some time, it has seen exponential growth within the last few years and is one of the fastest growing niche businesses in the U.S.A.

About San Francisco Salt Company

SFSC is a major supplier of Epsom Salt, and is one of the fastest growing specialty sea salt suppliers in the U.S. They have a diverse line of bath and spa salts as well as gourmet chef salts.

Their mission is to raise awareness of the amazing benefits of natural sea salts.

To learn more about the San Francisco Salt Company and view their complete selection of gourmet chef salts and bath and sea salts, visit them online at: //

Lee Williamson 
San Francisco Salt Company 
591 Montague Ave 
San Leandro, CA 94577 
Ph: (510) 477-9600 Ext 112 
Fx: (510) 477-9621

SOURCE San Francisco Salt Company

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