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A Bath for the New Year

This New Year’s Eve, you may find yourself surrounded by friends or family, eating great food and dancing the night away. Or, you might be spending a quiet evening at home, sharing a quiet champagne toast when the ball goes down. Either way, the best way to begin the New Year is not nursing a hangover or hitting the gym first thing in the morning - the best place to be on the first morning of 2009 is in the tub!

After the holiday festivities are over, you’ll likely feel happy, even relieved - and not to mention exhausted. Many people try to jump into a new routine as soon as they awaken to the new year. They put on their running shoes, jog around the block (or worse, on the treadmill) to make up for a year of sitting on the couch; they sprint to the grocery store in search of new, healthier food. But the first thing you do to ring in the New Year should be all about you, especially after spending a few months thinking of everyone else.

On January 1st, after your morning routine, take a nice long soak in the tub. Close the door and make some time for yourself without any interruptions (no bringing the cell phone in and putting it on the floor next to you - leave it in the other room. Really.)

Choose some bath salts that will relax you while bringing you a feeling of renewal and energy. Daytime baths can be a wonderful way to start your day, just make sure the scents and color of the bath salts are invigorating - you want to feel mellow and happy, but you don’t fall asleep too early!

Choose some Dead Sea salts for softer, smoother skin. Dead Sea salts will soften and cleanse your skin while actually working as a detoxifying agent. Himalayan salts are wonderful too, as they also have an extraordinarily high mineral content. Choose colors that make you feel energized - fresh, bright colors such as yellow, orange and green are wonderful for daytime baths. Citrus and mint fragrances are uplifting, as are certain floral essences.

Once you have your bath salts ready, put two BIG handfuls in your bath water. The more salts, the better: you want to mimic a natural oceanic environment to get to most out of your bath, so be liberal with your bath salts. Make sure the water is hot but not scorching - it should always feel comfortable. Water that is too hot can dry your skin and will also drain your energy. Close your shower curtain or door to help contain the fragrant steam, which works to open your pores and intensify the benefits of any added fragrance. Soak in the tub for 20-40 minutes.

It feels wonderful to treat yourself to a long, luxurious bath, right? Right. This is why you should continue this routine and add bath-taking to your list of resolutions. Those other items on your list may or may not stay in your lifestyle long-term, but taking a bath is easy, enjoyable, with benefits ranging from more radiant skin to a calmer, happier mood and even peace of mind.

Now, that’s a resolution you can keep! Happy New Year!

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