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A Mystical Himalayan Salt Story

A Magical Himalayan Salt ExperienceYOU HAVE 45 NEW MESSAGES IN YOUR INBOX!!!!   “How is that possible? I just checked my inbox 20 minutes ago.” Sarah moved the mouse with her right hand, her left balancing a large bowl of cereal. Her husband Roger hurried past her, checking his watch and tucking in his shirt.

“We have to be at the sushi place in an hour, I told everybody to get there early for drinks - hon, why are you eating cereal?”

“You know I don’t like Sushi.” Click, click. “45 new messages, and not one is from anybody I actually talk to.” Only an hour. She put the cereal down on her chair and kicked her shoes off on her way to the bathroom. Roger appeared behind her holding a brown box.

“I almost forgot - a package came for you, you must have missed it on your way in. There’s no return address.”

“Strange”, she muttered and put the box to the side as she grabbed her change of clothes and headed to the bathroom. She stopped. What could it be? She’s not expecting anything. “I don’t have time for this”. She went into the hallway, picked up the box and ripped the tape off, trying to catch pieces of popcorn stuffing as they fell to the floor. “I REALLY. Don’t. Have TIME FOR THIS” she yelled to no one in particular. “I don’t have time to clean up all this mess.” She dug through the popcorn until she saw something silver. She took it out.

It was a large bag with a label that read: Himalayan Bath Salts. Who would send her bath salts? She put down the bag and shook her head as she headed to the bathroom. She disrobed and stepped into the shower. Huh. A bath sounds nice. It had been a long time since she had a real bath. But they were leaving in 45 minutes. Maybe if she kept track of time...

Sarah wrapped herself in a towel, grabbed the bath salts and her PDA (personal data assistant). She set the alarm for 20 minutes, placed the PDA by her clothes and closed the door. She opened the bag of salts and poured them into the hot running water. She stepped into the water and nervously looked at her Blackberry PDA, which sat under the sleeve of her shirt. It’s on vibrate, hopefully she’ll hear it...

The warm water felt amazing. How long has it been since I’ve taken a bath? she wondered. She took her shaver off the side of the tub, and then put it back down, suddenly very relaxed. She closed her eyes.

“Nice, isn’t it?”

Startled, Sarah opened her eyes.  She wasn’t in her bathtub. The water around her rippled gently, sparkling with sun. Tall evergreens and fruit trees towered above her, casting dancing shadows across her body. The voice sounded very close. Another spring lay to her left, across a small patch of earth.

“Who’s there? Where am I?”

A freckled, aged hand extended sharply from behind the divide between her and the other spring. “I’m Rose.” She had a strong East Coast accent, which seemed at odds with the lush, exotic landscape. “And to answer your other question, you’re in the
. I Betcha wouldn’t have guessed that.”

“But that’s impossible - I’m at home, I’m in my bathroom.” She blinked. “Am I going crazy.”

“Ha! Welcome to the club!” Rose’s head peeked up from behind the plants. Her face was pleasant, her skin radiant and rosy despite her age. Her hair was in curlers. “So you finally got a few moments’ peace, eh?”

“Yeah. Well, no - I thought I’d be alone.”

“Oh, you are! I’m just a figment of your imagination. This is what happens when you get some solitude. You start talking to yourself. Thank god nobody’s walkin’ in on you right now - if they did, they’d get the people in white coats to haul you away.” She laughed loudly. “Relax. Don’t be in such a hurry all the time.”

“I’m not in a hurry all the time. It’s just that we have sushi in a few minutes...”

“You don’t like sushi. Why are you going?”

“I have to. It’s our friends.”

“You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Sarah sat back. Who is this person, and who does she think she is? She doesn’t even know me.  

“I’m not in a hurry all the time,” Sarah declared, half to herself.

“You’re also not defensive about it.”

“Look, my life is busy. There’s nothing wrong with that.” She made circles in the water with her fingers. “I have a lot going on.”

“Yeah, and it’s stressing you out! You never get a moment to yourself. Even when you’re alone, you’re on call. You’ve got that thing with you everywhere you go.”

“What thing?”

“That little black hand-held computer thing that you look at every five minutes. But enough about all this... right now, you shouldn’t be worrying about anything. You’re in the

Sarah saw two freckled hands rise up, as if to show her where she is. “As you might have guessed, this isn’t your typical bath. If it weren’t for the salts, you’d be in your bathroom right now. Bor-ing!” Rose faked a yawn.

“This is all because of the bath salts?”

“Hey, I didn’t send you dirt!” Rose’s face appeared next to her. “These salts aren’t like the fluff you buy at bath and body shops. They’re the real deal.” Rose reached over the divide and opened her hand, revealing a small pile of beautiful natural pink salts.

“These are mystical salts from deep inside the Himalayan mountains. Nobody’s messed with these - they are pure, and contain all the wonder of the Himalayans themselves, in the form of nutrients, minerals, and a little magic.” Sarah reached over and Rose put a few crystals into her open palm.

Rose leaned in. “Look at my skin.”

Sarah looked up and nodded. “I noticed - it looks incredibly youthful.”

“What are you saying? Are you saying I’m old?” Sarah started to apologize but Rose shook her head and laughed. “Well, I am. Time is an unfriendly guest, believe me. You’re too young to realize it now, but before you know it, you’ll be sitting in a rocking chair with two pair of reading glasses on your head, wondering where your life went. But hopefully your skin will look nice. I tried everything- all the serums, the lotions, facial aerobics, leeches, everything. Nothing worked until I started taking baths with good salts.”


“Don’t ask. Vanity does funny things to people.” Rose disappeared behind the plants again. “But I can only talk about it so much. You really need to experience it. So shut up, will ya?” Sarah laughed and laid back down.

The water lapped up against her arms and legs. She let herself slide deeper into the water, submerging her body in its warmth. She could feel her heartbeat slow down, her blood pressure drop. Her worries seemed to evaporate and rise above her like the steam that now surrounded her. She pictured the salts gathering in the waves around her, nourishing her skin and drawing stress from every cell in her body. She felt calmer, more relaxed than she had in months - maybe even years.

Sushi. When was the last time she did something because she wanted to, not because she had to? When did she stop making choices?

“Uh-oh. Your thing is about to go off.”

“My what?”


She opened her eyes, the florescent glare of the overhead lights startled her. Her Blackberry vibrated from somewhere inside her pile of clothes across the room. The sound aggravated her. She jumped up and wrapped herself in a towel, and dug through the clothes till she found the PDA. She turned it off and was relieved to hear silence.

“Honey, we’re leaving in 10!” She could hear Roger’s footsteps hurrying up and down the hall. She was tired of rushing.

Sarah put on her clothes and lifted the bag of Himalayan Salts to put it under the sink. A small piece of paper was underneath it. It read:

        Come back again soon.

“Crazy! I’m going crazy.” Sarah put the bag away and was about to throw the note in the trash when she stopped. She looked at the note again. She slipped it into her back pocket.

She would come back again soon. This was no ordinary bath - and she knew, somehow, that this was only the beginning...

By Robin Galante - stay tuned for more chapters !!!!

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