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bath salt for dry skin

Bathe away your dry skin with soothing bath salt
Bathe Away Your Dry SkinDry skin can be caused by a variety of factors: genetics, poor diet, prolonged exposure to sun, harsh soaps and certain cosmetics can all contribute to dry skin. You may notice a change in your skin with each season that passes, since abrupt changes in climate effect our natural balance.

The winter months can reek havoc on all skin types. Cold, dry air and blustery wind can leave your skin feeling chapped, flaky, and uncomfortably tight. Fine lines become more pronounced, and your face can appear drawn and pale. Winter isn’t kind to our appearance - but there are things we can do to look and feel healthy and beautiful.

When your skin feels dry, often your first instinct is to reach for thick, creamy lotion. While lotion can soothe dry skin, it often acts as merely a coating - masking a problem that is still there. The lotion makes your skin feel softer to the touch, but your skin needs a bit more TLC to ensure lasting results.

Here are some tips to keep your skin soft and supple all winter long:

*  Drink plenty of water. When you’re out in the chilly air, you may not feel as dehydrated as you do in the balmy days of summer - but you need water more than ever. Be sure to drink water throughout your whole day, to keep your whole body hydrated. The water will help plump and smooth your skin.

*  Avoid harsh detergent soaps. Detergent soaps are very drying and sap your skin of much-needed moisture. Stick with natural, natural oil-based soaps.

*  Take frequent baths - and use high-quality bath salts! You’ve probably heard that bathing too often can actually dry out your skin, but if you bathe using the right ingredients, it can actually reverse dry skin. Bathing in warm water enriched with sea salts is a wonderful way to hydrate and soften dry skin. The nutrients in bath salts work to re-balance your skin cells, while helping your skin defend itself against the environmental elements that dry your skin the most (such as sun, wind, and cold climates). A Moisturizing Bath

If you would like relief from cracked, tight, flaky skin, bathing is your answer. Bathing just twice a week while using high-quality bath salts will moisturize and re-balance your skin. You will feel softer, smoother, and more supple.

First, be sure to choose a bath salt that works to moisturize dry skin. Our Skin Care formula is filled with essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and bergamot, all of which work to condition and heal skin that’s been affected by harsh environmental elements. This salt is also infused with Vitamin E and aloe vera, which promote a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Once your bath is drawn and you’re in the tub, pull the shower curtain around the tub to keep the steam in - the steam helps open your pores so your skin will be cleaned and moisturized from the inside out. Don’t use water that’s too hot - water that’s too hot may actually make your skin more dry than it already is, so keep it comfortably warm.

After just one bath you’ll notice softer, smoother skin that stays that way, even in the cold winter months. Enjoy!

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