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Bath Salts for Olympians

athlete taking bathThe following content is from an article posted September 14, 2012 on The Daily Yomiuri Online. It discusses how bath salts were used by Japanese athletes during the Olympics to ward off fatigue caused by high temperatures. By bathing with bath salts before bed, their quality of sleep improved leaving them refreshed the next morning.

Supplements, bath salts and other products that helped power Japanese athletes during their Olympic campaigns are now going on the market to help regular consumers get healthy and shake off fatigue caused by the lingering summer heat.

The Ajinomoto National Training Center in Kita Ward, Tokyo, is run by the Japan Sport Council and other sports organizations. In addition to training rooms and equipment for many sports, the center has Sakura Dining, a dining hall where managerial dieticians are stationed.

Many Olympians trained at the center before the Games. Several companies provided products to help the athletes stay healthy and get in tip-top shape.

Ajinomoto Co. developed the Amino Vital Gold supplement for Olympic athletes and provided it to them at the center and other locations.

On Aug. 27, Ajinomoto began selling the supplement to ordinary consumers.

One serving of Amino Vital Gold contains 4,000 milligrams of essential amino acids, which can usually be taken in only from food.

An Ajinomoto official said the supplement contains leucine, which is believed to increase protein in muscles and promote muscle repair.

Many Japanese athletes spoke glowingly of the supplement. In fact, the feedback was so positive that Ajinomoto was concerned that putting the supplement on the market would enable athletes from other nations to easily acquire it and reap its benefits.

A bath salt provided to Olympians in the training center went on sale to ordinary consumers on Sept. 3. The product made by Bathclin Corp. reportedly contains three times more carbon dioxide and discharges bubbles for three times longer than other bath salts.

A Bathclin official said soaking in a bath containing the salt stimulates blood flow, which can aid nutrition intake and help one drift off to a relaxing sleep.

According to the company, the bath salt is effective not only for top-level athletes but also joggers and people who feel fatigued from work.

Yasuhiro Ishikawa, a Bathclin spokesman and an "instructor on hot spring bathing," said the temperature of the bath can also affect an athlete's recovery.

"In the evening, it's better to bathe in water at about 39 C in summer and 40 C in winter for 10 to 15 minutes," he said. "Going to bed soon after having a bath will help you sleep well and wake up feeling more refreshed the following day."

Content from the following article:

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