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San Francisco Bath Salt Company Has Re-Invented The Forgotten Art of Bathing

San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Vocus) June 9, 2008

Bathing in bath salts are quickly becoming the newest trend in skincare and relaxation. With the many natural healing and therapeutic benefits of taking a bath, more and more people are ditching the shower and opting to take a relaxing soak. One of the leaders in this new trend is the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, a Bay-Area based company who over the last 6 years has re-invented the forgotten art of bathing.

"It's simple, affordable, and enjoyable and is rapidly gaining widespread popularity and attention: bathing in natural bath salts. Offering a wide range of natural healing and therapeutic benefits, many people are starting to spend more time in the bath to enjoy the benefits of a relaxing soak. Leading this new trend is the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, a Bay-Area based company who over the last 6 years has re-invented the forgotten art of bathing.

“The benefits of bathing in sea salt are incredibly far-reaching,” says Lee Williamson, Founder and CEO of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company. “When you add sea salts to your bath, you are essentially bathing in the ocean, which has long been known to promote skin health and general well-being”. Williamson grew up in the UK, where bathing in sea salts was a part of his daily routine. It has been his mission to bring his appreciation and love for bathing to the United States.

Bathing has always been a popular way to decrease stress and soothe muscle aches and pains, but most people aren’t aware of the many other valuable benefits of bath salts. Individuals with common skin conditions such as psoriasis, dry skin, or acne are now turning to bathing as a natural, lower-cost alternative to expensive and often ineffective treatments.

Many cosmetic companies are now selling new lines of bath salt products designed to soften the skin, slow the aging process, decrease stress and even cure insomnia. The salts are harvested around the world, mainly from the Pacific Ocean, the Himalayan Mountains, and the Dead Sea. They can be sold plain or infused with a variety of herbs, fragrances and essential oils to increase the therapeutic effects. The San Francisco Bath Salt Company recently launched a new innovative “Spa Therapy” line of bath salts, which capitalizes on the many benefits of natural sea salts from around the World.

Established in 2002, The San Francisco Bath Salt Company, is a known leader in the bathing industry, and offers retail, bulk, and private label products. All manufacturing is done in California and their website is the largest resource for bath salts in the world. “Our daily lives are becoming more fast-paced,” says Williamson, “and we need the benefits of bathing more than ever before. Bath salts are indeed becoming the newest trend in skin care and relaxation.”


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