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Bath Salts Never A Problem - Drugs Are

San Francisco Bath Salt Company cautions consumers against dangerous new drugs pitched as “bath salts” which couldn't be further from what their namesake implies.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA (PRWEB) August 31, 2011

There’s nothing more relaxing than a long, warm soak in the tub. Bath salts have long been recognized as a healthy addition to any bath, carry some amazing benefits when used in their natural form. Recently, however, there are reports circulating throughout the news that speak of dangerous, drug addled “bath salts” being sold across the country. Lee Williamson, founder of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company, makes a strong distinction between these so-called bath salts and the real thing: “Some people are worried that bath salts are somehow dangerous, and nothing could be further from the truth; the “bath salts” products they are hearing about on the news are not bath salts, they are in fact drugs that people take by way of injection, snorting, or drinking. These are not bath salts at all, rather, they are dangerous chemicals being sold under the name ‘bath salts’.”

According to recent reports, users of the drug “bath salts” describe them as being more potent than other drugs such as Ritalin and cocaine. The chemicals used in the faux bath salts can be extremely dangerous. Side effects to the use of these chemicals can produce hallucinations, paranoia, psychosis, suicidal thoughts, agitation and increased heart rate and in some certain cases death.

Though the drugs are exceedingly dangerous, headlines such as “Bath Salts Behind Wave of Medical Emergencies and Fatalities” and “Bath Salts are the New Cocaine” are misleading, notes Williamson. “The drugs that are sold as bath salts are indeed dangerous and can even be fatal – but consumers need to know that real bath salts are 100% safe, and carry extraordinary benefits. What we’re talking about are two completely different products being sold under the same name.”

The chances of confusing the real and fake bath salts are very low. Drugs marketed as “bath salts” are often sold in extremely small doses at exorbitantly high prices; they are sold under unknown but familiar-sounding brand names such as Ivory Coast, and Aura, to name a couple. The “bath salts” are not likely to be found in malls, bath and beauty stores, spas, drugstores or grocery stores. They are sold in adult shops, over the internet, as well as stores selling drug paraphernalia, convenience stores, and gas stations. Nevertheless, Williamson urges consumers to buy their bath products from retailers they know and trust, and if possible, go directly to the manufacturer for the highest quality bath salts. “We manufacture our bath salts on premises, and use natural salts. The salts we use are in fact sea salts from around the world – such as the Himalayas, the Dead Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. Customers can be confident in knowing they are getting a quality and safe product.” Legitimate bath salts should list some type of salt – Sea Salt, Epsom salt, as two examples – as their first ingredient. Real bath salts are completely safe. Williamson adds that real bath salts cannot be used as drugs or “taken” to produce a high.

Williamson further comments that natural sea salt, which is used in the bath salts he produces, carries many benefits, “Natural sea salt is great for the skin, and is often used as an effective treatment for more serious conditions such as psoriasis and acne. Sea salt is also an amazing detoxifying agent and can intensify the stress-relieving qualities of a bath. It’s a shame that these drugs could be giving people the wrong idea about bath salts. Hopefully, we can set the record straight by continuing to inform our customers and the public about the benefits of real bath salts.”

To learn more about bath salts and their benefits, please visit San Francisco Bath Salt Company’s website at If you have questions or would like more information, contact them by phone at 1-800-480-4540.

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