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Are Bath Salts Really Drugs? A Bath Salt’s True Purpose: Benefits for Your Health & Well-Being

In response to the concerns of drugs being sold as 'bath salts', San Francisco Bath Salt Company promotes true bath salts made of natural sea salts and other quality, safe ingredients that offer many benefits for the mind & body.

San Francisco Bay Area, CA (PRWEB) September 16, 2011

With previous reports by the Associated Press and other news agencies across the country of designer drugs labeled as bath salts, San Francisco Bath Salt Company, a leading bath salt manufacturer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, continues to advocate the many recognized benefits of bathing with true bath salts made from the purest sea salts around the world. By calling attention to the beneficial properties of legitimate bath salts, SFBSC's hope is to clear up any confusion due to these reports and put consumer’s minds at ease for those that are looking for actual bath salts.

Sea salt carries a variety of essential minerals and nutrients and are incredibly beneficial for the skin, body, and even the mood as bathing with bath salt encourages relaxation,” says Lee Williamson, founder of San Francisco Bath Salt Company. Specifically, bath salts are known to detoxify your skin and remove impurities- resulting in a healthy, radiant complexion and softer skin; they can also provide relief from skin conditions such as psoriasis, acne, and eczema. Bathing in a warm bath with added bath salts also relieves muscle aches and pains and helps alleviate stress.

“Our company philosophy is to harness the power of the ocean with natural sea salts to enhance your well-being. We offer the safest bath salts on the planet, each made with the purest salts found all over the world including Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt and Pacific Sea Salt. Every bath salt we offer is manufactured in our own facility in Union City, California. Contrary to this, the so-called ‘bath salts’ that are sweeping the news are not bath salts at all; they are drugs being sold as such,” says Williamson. Reports suggest that the ‘bath salt’ drugs do not even contain some type of salt as the main ingredient such as sodium chloride (sea salt) or magnesium sulfate (Epsom salt).

So how can consumers stay safe and enjoy the many benefits of bathing with bath salts? Williamson advises consumers to “Select brands of bath products that are reputable and familiar to you. Be cautious of brands that you haven’t heard of before, and read the labels and list of ingredients carefully. San Francisco Bath Salt Company only offers bath salts made with natural salts, 100% natural essential oils, premium quality fragrance oils and other pure ingredients. By manufacturing our bath salts in our own facility, we have built-in quality control to ensure the safety of all our products.”

For more information about bath salts and their benefits, visit San Francisco Bath Salt Company online at or call 1-800-480-4540.

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