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 San Francisco Bath Salt Company Clears Air About Bath Salt Confusion – Zombies Beware!


June 17, 2012, San Francisco, CA – Lee Williamson, president of the San Francisco Bath Salt Company® (SFBSC) continues to inform the public about the difference between actual bath salts and the designer street drug, also known in some circles as “bath salts”.


Williamson has been recently interviewed by CNN, NPR and several other media outlets and is taking the lead advisory role within the salt community to educate the media on the differences between real bath salts and the street drugs. 


“We want to assure the public that using our products has nothing to do with the street drug known as ‘bath salts’. The only ‘highs’ that you can achieve from our bath salts are the feelings of rejuvenation and relaxation,” says Williamson. The San Francisco Bath Salt Company is the premier supplier of bath salts in the U.S. The salts they sell are dissolved in a hot bath or shower to alleviate muscle and joint pain, to refresh and nourish skin, or just to foster relaxation after a long day.


The bath salts manufactured and sold by SFBSC contain natural sea salts, essential oils and other natural fragrances. The street drug “bath salts”, also known more formally as Designer Cathinones by the US Drug Enforcement Agency, contains the chemicals MDPV, Methylone, and Mephedrone. San Francisco Bath Salts contain none of those chemicals. 


 “If anything, someone getting high off these ‘bath salt drugs’ might need our bath salts to counteract the effects of the drug. And I assure you one thing, our bath salts won’t turn you into a zombie!” says Williamson. The smokers of the designer drug are reportedly easily agitated, irritable, and can suffer from panic attacks. Users of San Francisco Bath Salts report a great night’s sleep, clearer skin, and comforting relaxation.


“We are currently celebrating our 10 year anniversary, and even with the continued “bath salt drug” news and the worst economy in years we are still on target for maintaining our 20% annual growth in sales revenue” says, Williamson.


Visit the SFBSC website for more details on the vast array of bath salts available at or connect with them on Facebook at or Twitter at 



About the San Francisco Salt Company

The San Francisco Salt Company design, develop, and sell an extensive line of bath and shower salts to soothe, cure, and promote relaxation, as well as a line of gourmet chef salts to guarantee just the right flavors for your dishes. 


Our mission is to raise your awareness of the amazing benefits of natural sea salts - to harness the power of the ocean to enhance your well-being, from the inside out.


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