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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Bath Salts

  • Must I sell the Bath Salts under the San Francisco Bath Salt Company brand name or can I sell them under my own company/brand?
    Businesses may sell salts purchased from SFBSC under their own name or under the San Francisco Bath Salt Company name (approval required).

  • How much salt and how many containers do you recommend starting out with?
    The amount of salt and containers to start off with will mainly depend on the amount of space you have for bath salts and your budget. Check out our starter kits, to view 3 different set-up sizes with the recommended amount of salt and containers. You can also contact customer service at 1-800-480-4540 to discuss your options with one of our salt specialists.

  • What are the suggested retail prices?
    Generally, a glass bottle including the bath salt to fill it is sold for $12 - $15 at our Pier 39 Flagship Store.

  • Can I re-sell SFBSC bath salts other than Artisan Salts?
    Absolutely! All of the salts that we offer online can be re-sold/ re-packaged for your business.

  • What can I expect to pay for shipping for large orders?
    Shipping costs are determined based on a number of factors including your location (how far you are from where we ship in CA), whether we're shipping to a commercial or residential address, any special services that you may require and of course, the overall size/weight of the shipment. We ship with many different carriers and we will provide you the best rate possible based on your order and shipping details. Please call us at 1-800-480-4540 to get an estimated shipping rate.

Tips and other things to consider:
  • Humidity: Depending on your area and/or the time of year, your salts could be affected by humidity. Salts draw in moisture in the air, and can make them clump or become somewhat “slushy”. Whenever there’s humidity or moisture in the air, be sure that the salts are properly sealed (keep stored bags sealed tight and put lids on containers or displays) to keep salts dry. *This is particularly important with Dead Sea Salt as this salt tends to draw in a lot of moisture from the atmosphere compared to other salts. Also, please note that we do not recommend Dead Sea Salt to be blended with Epsom Salt as this combination of salt also tends to take in a lot of moisture.
  • Shelf Life: Typically, all colored and scented salts have a shelf life between 6 months and 2 years. Raw natural salts will keep for at least 5 years if stored properly. The actual shelf life may vary depending on the actual product and its scent as well as its exposure to sunlight and humidity. The best way to prolong the shelf life of your salts is to keep them away from moisture/humidity, out of direct sunlight, and to keep them well sealed or covered during non-business hours.
  • Ingredients: Be sure to post a list of ingredients for all the salts, and/or have ingredient labels or tags for the salts.
  • Presentation: Finally, make sure your salt display and set-up looks appealing! Having an eye-catching, professional display is one of the best ways to attract customers and business! Don't have an eye for design? Seek out some tips from friends or family with design or merchandising experience or hire an expert to help.

​We are the salt of the Earth. From our luxurious bath and spa salts to our worldly gourmet sea salts, we strive to keep you impressed. 
Our philosophy takes root in harnessing natural mineral salts to increase your well-being from the
inside out. Our core mission is to increase our customer's understanding of the wondrous benefits of salt.